Whether you are treating water or preventing blow outs in the well head, Houston Utility Service will have a solution for you


Protecting Our Environment


With the land we live in becoming more susceptible to the damage caused from extracting valuable resource for our needs, we must rely upon innovation to protect for future generations. Houston Utility Service are continuously designing equipment that is environmentally friendly fulfilling our clients requirements.


Cleaning Up The Camps


Mobile Camps are used through out the world to service the operations of the resource industry. With this comes the high volumes of raw sewage and untreated kitchen waste and Houston Utility Service have the solution for this. The WWR Mark IV is a sewage processing unit engineered to treat the waste from camps, rigs and accessories. The final effluent is irrigated into the surrounding environment to high class  water quality standards, saving on expensive pump out costs.


Water Is A  Commodity


In remote areas of the resource industry, water can be a logistical nightmare with high costs to transport to site.

Houston Utility Service are  working towards cleaning up the waste water from drilling campaigns to use back down the well, saving our clients the expensive delivery costs as well as protecting the environment

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